Citizen Scientists

We are excited about the wave of grassroots biology that is sweeping the globe. Ribosomal sequencing is a powerful way to look at the life in any ecosystem, whether it is in or on a human or not. If you have samples you want to analyze this way, we are happy to help, even if they aren't from the gut.

Please contact us at to discuss your sample type, and we will make sure we can handle them safely, give you good data and come up with a price.

Order your kit

Many people eat probiotics, including yogurt, to keep their gut microbiota healthy and in balance. Now, uBiota's Personal Metagenomics Kit (PMK) can help you track if your diet and probiotic regime are having the effect you want. You can order a PMK now and start your exploration. When you register at, you'll get a $40.00 credit applied to your first order. That's 50% off your first PMK!