Refund Policies

Refunds for any reason (or no reason at all)

If you've never ordered from us before, and change your mind about the whole thing, we will happily refund the full cost of your purchase, 2 kits maximum.

If you have ordered with us in the past, and decide for any reason that you don't want to use a kit, we will refund the cost of the kit, $15 less for the cost of the materials, shipping, and handling.

Please consider the greenest option: passing your kit on to someone who does want to use it, rather than asking for a refund. Help us conserve materials and fuel used in shipping.

Refunds because the analysis does not work

If we are unable to analyze a sample you send us, we will consult with you about your sample collection methods, ship you an new kit and retest it up to 2 times. If you decline retesting, we will refund the cost of the kit, $15 less for the cost of the materials, shipping and handling.

If uBiota thinks retesting is not likely to yield usable results, we may at our sole discretion, refund the complete cost of the kit. uBiota will never refund the complete cost of the kit, if you have previously received a refund for a failure with the same type of sample.

Limitations of our liability

Our Terms Of Use, especially in section 21, but also in several other places, expressly limits or liability in a number of ways.

Nothing in this Refund Policy changes any part of the Terms of Use.

Requesting a refund

Refunds are requested by email at refunds@uBiota.com. Include your login or username, phone number, a good time to reach you at that number and your time zone in the message.